Staying at Yats Colony hotel for a day feel like wanting to stay there forever. It takes only aproximately 2 km from the tourist sites in Yogyakarta. The hotel gives a unique ambiance at every corner. Starting from parking lot that is quite spacious with some greens at the edge of the wall. Then I walked to the receptionist. I saw a lot of unique merchandises. Like ceramic from Kaloka Ceramic, local perfume, local food and Indonesian coffee powder by Wong Lou Wei, and some hanging clothes from reputable local desaigner next to the receptionist desk. Those collaborative merchandises in the room remind me of attending an art gallery.

After passing through a tunnel with cute giant painting, your eyes will be pampered with a lot of greens and the combination of white from the hotel building. But what makes it look more ‘earthy’ is when they put browns. Like the color of pot, terrace’ floor, and rattan lamp.

I visited this hotel right in times of holidays and they had a lot of visitors. All the rooms were almost occupied. But trust me, you will feel comfortable. The distance between each room is not too close. It will make your personal space safe.


Seeing those appealing concept of the hotel’s facade, isn’t that intriging to us to know how it looks inside the room? I had the chance to look around and feel the cosiness of double room with pool view. The room is quite spacious, it sucessfully make the distance between one furniture to another just right. The room has an abstract display from a local artist in the center of the room, right in the middle between two beds. A simple table made from wood make the hotel not forgetting the ‘earthy’ impressions.

I realized that the bed sheet selection matters to emphasize the concept. A little extra tie-dye accent in the pillow successfully making the room feel more ‘artsy’. It is exclusively handmade by Purana Indonesia. In addition, the batik accompanied with mustard plain pillows on the coach looks like the hotel is trying to represent the traditions originated from Yogyakarta.

In my room, there is no wardrobe but a modest hanging white iron to hang your clothes. It makes the room looks minimalist. Underneath the hanger, there is an appealing traditional basket from a woven rattan. It is filled with sandals, towel, toiletries, fabric masks, and a warm greeting card. You can see the Javanese words to describe their stuff. For example, resik=clean, mustaka=head, bucal=throw away, salin=change, ombe=water, etc.



Even though the room only provide water, they also serve coffee and tea with dispenser as well in each floor of the building. This spot is very catchy with plants decoration that put on hexagonal woods. Since this spot is made for every visitors, bottle of sanitizer is provided to make it safe from germs.


The price of the room was Rp 500.175 (ordered by booking.com) with free breakfast. If you feel uncomfortable to eat breakfast at dining room meeting other visitors, you can ask the officer to deliver it to your room. All is free without any additional payment. The food is varied and tasty. They serve mostly Indonesian food. To add, I guess you can also use the facility like swimming pool freely. There are a lot of cute and unique spot near the swimming pool that can be used for photo shoot. However, there are plenty facilities that I didn’t mention in this writing. Every type of the room has their own uniqeness and facilities, especially for suite type. Overall, I would say it all worth it.




Currently learning to be a travel writer. Please feel free to put feedbacks on my writings.

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Safirra Wigati

Safirra Wigati

Currently learning to be a travel writer. Please feel free to put feedbacks on my writings.

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