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Eglio Donuts & Pizzeria

This donut place is so unique and simple. the place is small and has Bali thingy. I could say, the decoration of this place is pretty much using bohemian style. They apply wood color and red-white checkered tablecloth reminiscent of pizza shops in Italy.

There aren’t many menus offered. I guess because they want to focus on two variant menus, which is donuts and pizza. For the large size of one donut at a very cheap price, this donut is really worth it. Though I am surprise that the donuts tasted really good. The donut menus seem designed to follow the trendy flavors that are currently booming, such as Tiramisu Regal, Peculoos Vanilla, Nutella, etc. Unfortunately, there are not many variations on the drink menu, the best fit is just ordering mineral water.

I honestly have never tried the pizza menu. But I definitely will by one someday casue the menus are very interesting. One of the menus I want to try is the Truffle Mushroom Pizza. I’m curious about the combination of truffle oil, egg, and tomato sauce on that pizza. And, I will order the All Tonno Pizza that contains tuna, mozzarella, corn, and tomato sauce. It will definitely create a pleasing taste.

Overall, this place is worth to try. The taste of donut is so good. The price is very affordable, only Rp 10.000 per donut, even though the donuts are large and have a rich flavor. The location is at Jalan Sidomukti Gandoktambakan which is very strategic. It spots in the same area with Cafe Marisini and Cafe Tepi Sawah. We can order donuts or pizza and then eat them at cafes in the area and watch a very beautiful outdoor view. you can see the beautiful sunset with green fields.

Nest Cafe & Donut

When I entered the Nest Cafe area, I was reminded of cafes in the Ubud, Bali area, although they still had a different nuance. In a large parking area, there are greenery creeping on the walls, make the location feels earthy. the concept is appealing. the design of the cafe is more into a rustic style but I can feel a lil bit bohemian. At some outdoor corners, you can see wood carvings that looks so ‘Jogja’. In indoor rooms, most of the structure are made from woods with plants hanging on the ceiling.

The cafe also has a special room to sell clothes from local designers using traditional fabrics, wooden cutlery, traditional cooking utensils, etc.

More than that, this cafe has furniture display room, called Seken Living. I can tell the furniture is very classy and all of them are made from wood. All is designed into a very modern style.

The food at Nest Cafe is relatively expensive for Yogyakarta’s price range. Though, the taste of food and drinks quite pleasant. Mostly the menu is western-style food such as pasta, toast, etc. For the drinks, I recommend you pick smoothies. Anything with smoothies trust me they all so fresh. It fits to the atmosphere at the cafe that feels very tropical.

Overall, it is definitely a place to comeback. Very comfortable ambiance and relatively good feast. Although it’s a little bit expensive, but still worth to try. This place is suitable for relaxing or for a work-from-home place.

South Shore Pool & Beach Lounge

This cafe looks inspired by beach clubs or cafes on a cliff in Bali or Santorini. Though, this place is actually located on a cliff at Ngandong beach, Gunungkidul. You can see the coastline on the right and left from a height.

There is a room to sell local goods, such as the local brand Dowa. This is an interesting thing because not only provide a view, but this place give an opportunity for local designers to market their goods. One thing that makes this place is unique, they have infinity pool. It stretches out towards the Indian Ocean. Though, I can say the food and drink in the menus are the standard menu of cafe in Yogyakarta.

Overall, this place will be worth it if you use all the facilities, especially the swimming pool cause the price set is very expensive. So, you will feel satisfied if you can swim while enjoying the sea view and food. And defintely life.



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